Lakes film featuring Forest Side to be shown in USA

Brass, Three Down, a film which focuses on the ecology of Windermere England’s largest lake, is set to be showcased at the 9th International Charr Symposium in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, from 18th to 21st June.

Two of the central characters, who feature in the film, are Kevin Tickle, Forest Side’s head chef, who cooks with Windermere charr and Dr. Ian Winfield, based at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology’, who is a specialist in lake ecosystems, conservation, biodiversity and fisheries management.

On 18th June, Ian, is set to deliver one of the Symposium’s keynote addresses and at the same time showcase Brass, Three Down, a quietly evocative film crafted by Henry Iddon and Richard Berry on Windermere’s lost Lakeland delicacy charr.

The film celebrates the cultural role that Windermere charr to this day plays in the Lake District, from fishing in hand crafted flat-bottomed boats to the creation of a culinary delicacy. At the same time the film also conveys a very important message about conservation of fish stocks, lake habitats and the impact of global warming.

Dr. Ian Winfield, of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, said: “I am delighted to be taking the story of Windermere’s Arctic charr populations to this major international symposium and I am sure that ‘Brass, Three Down’ will make a great impression.”

Film maker Henry Iddon added: “When we started out making the film we never imagined it would be picked up and showcased by the academic research community to the extent it has been. So to have it show at the most important international charr event alongside heavy weight research papers is hugely satisfying.”

An excerpt from Brass3Down can be viewed here