organic and bio-dynamic wine at Forest Side

At Forest Side our wines share our food philosophy in other words they are unique, vibrant and natural.

Make a selection from our extensive wine list and take your palate on a journey of discovery, where a whole new world of delicious wine awaits you.

Our Head Sommelier and our importer carefully select artisan makers who share our ethos – vineyards who produce quality wines on a small scale, who often create as little as two or three thousand bottles a year. These wines are organic, bio-dynamic and above all else natural – the perfect pairing for our food.

These producers work with no artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard, fermentation is done using wild yeast from the grape skins (rather than the laboratory) and a minimum of sulphur dioxide – they literally let nature take over and the wine make itself.

The majority of wines on our list are either organic or bio-dynamic. Rudolf Steiner an Austrian thinker is largely credited with the development of bio-dynamic growing theories, after giving a series of lectures during the 1920’s to farmers concerned about dwindling yields and failing crops.

In some ways, he was ahead of his time recognising that ‘everything in nature is interdependent’, but in reality this is purely a common sense approach, one recognised by non-industrial farmers the world over for generations – farming as it was and as it should be.

Bio-dynamic wines or as they have become known ‘supercharged organic’ wines are produced using a self-sustaining model. The soil is enhanced with natural composts and organic preparations, planting, pruning and harvesting are carried out in tandem with the lunar cycle. This may sound totally off the wall but if you take the time to taste a glass of wine produced in this way you will taste the difference straightaway. After all some prestigious estates such as Coulee de Serrant and Domaine de la Romainée-Conti are managed bio-dynamically…