Forest Side COVID-19 Response

As always the welfare and safety of our team, our guests and our local community remains our highest priority and we are closely following advice of Public Health England and the government advice.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard and introducing extra health and safety measures to ensure our main focus of safety & well-being is followed.

Please see below some useful information for our guests in regards to our proposed course of action moving forward.

Hotel Organisation

1) Check-in: Direct room check in, Guests will be directed directly to their room to avoid any congestion at the reception area, social distancing will apply throughout.

2) Distance rule: In public areas such as in the restaurants & corridors, all employees are required to keep a distance of one metre plus between them and the guests.

3) Personnel planning: Staff will work together in fixed teams in order to “reconstruct possible infection chains”.

4) Hotel Offering: The Hotel will only operate on a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Basis until further notice.

5) Face masks: All Guests & Staff will be required to wear a face mask, unless they are sat at a table or eating.

Capacity Adjustment 

6) Restaurant: Our restaurant capacity will be significantly reduced to 50%. Tables will be set up at a minimum distance of 1 metre plus apart.

7) Hotel Bar & Lounge: Areas will be open on limited capacity, Sale of Alcohol in line with Government Guidance,.

Hygiene & Disinfection

8) Disinfectant dispensers: Disinfectant dispensers will be placed on entrance to the property and outside toilet areas.

(Guests would be advised to use toilets in their own accommodation rooms where possible).

9) Room cleaning: Extensive new cleaning practices will be put in place to provide the best possible protection against potential Covid-19 viruses. All rooms will be thoroughly deep cleaned before the arrival of guests and the same “intensely robust” cleaning protocols will be applied during every guest change over. The most frequently used areas, such as bathrooms, and most used devices and appliances like TV remote controls will receive particular attention.

Ozone cleaning will also apply.

Extensive Training Programme 

10) Training by independent auditors: All staff will go through new training at the hotel, with new guidelines, training material and Health & safety amendments issued and training sessions applied before the commencement of work.

As stated previously we are adhering to the government guidelines closely and we will amend any processes when advised to do so.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Forest Side Soon!!!

We hope these measures put in place will give our guests reassurance that we are doing everything and more to protect us all.

Track & Trace

We will also be asking our guests on a confidential basis to inform us if they develop any symptoms within 7 days of leaving the Forest Side which will enable us to inform Team Members & Guests whom may have been in contact.

Updated 15th May 2021.