Head Gardener Charles Munro

Munro a native of Devon brings over 20 years of gardening experience to the team at Forest Side Grasmere. It all started way back, when he attended Bicton Agricultural College in the early 1990’s, where he did a course in countryside studies covering horticulture, estate management, wildlife conservation, fish and game management, beekeeping and ecology to name a few… It’s safe to say Charles was hooked…

By 1993 he had landed a job at former Torquay hotel Barton Hall, looking after 26 acres of gardens and grounds. By 1995 he was running his own gardening services company, which he ran successfully until 2009, (he also found the time to squeeze in some study doing a degree in sound and music technology), before a change of direction led him to take on a role as head grower at Somerset Micro Herbs in early 2010, working with many of the UK’s top chefs along the way.

By 2014 Charles was really heading for dizzy gardening heights as co-head gardener for Novikov Restaurant at Brent Eleigh Hall’s walled garden, before heading north to take the helm at Forest Side and apply his specialist knowledge to the Kitchen Garden in our beautiful Lake District location.