Art in Residence at The Forest Side

Art in Residence at Forest Side
The exhibition of a series of works by Japanese artist Hideyuki Sobue launched at the Forest Side in Christmas 2018. The body of work was specially selected by the artist to match the theme of Forest Side. Sobue said, “I hope the exhibition makes both staff and guests feel as if they are in the forest surrounded by the soothing air, and creates artistic inspiration, which will enhance the beautiful dining experience created by exquisite Michelin-starred dishes.”

Artist BIO
Japanese artist Hideyuki Sobue, who lives and works in the Lake District, UK, has established his art practice focused on painting and drawing, exploring how to derive the maximum technical and conceptual potential from those practices.

Over the past 10+ years, Sobue has developed his original new brush hatching technique, using Japanese sumi ink and acrylic, which was inspired by the concept of disegno established in the Florentine Renaissance, combined with the ongoing study of neurology on a variety of themes. As far as the technique with its concept is concerned, there are no other artists have ever tried, it is thoroughly originated by Sobue. His aim is to create a platform bridging East and West, and our heritage and contemporary understanding, by means of drawing and painting through delving into the core meaning of the human act of seeing.

Sobue’s works are currently held in public & private collections in Japan, UK, Australia, Canada and USA.

“I have been a great admirer of Hideyuki’s talents as an artist for many years. His original and skilful brushwork technique has enabled him to create landscapes and portraits with equally striking effects. Hideyuki’s paintings and drawings reflect his love of nature and his fascination with the human form, especially the face. Whatever the subject his pictures are a pleasure to live with and enjoy.”
Tiffany Hunt MBE